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The Bahamas is in the Atlantic Ocean, near The northernmost, Grand Bahama. that's the location of the bahamas. the bahamas are located to the right of florida and miami, america.

climate change

As a result of global warming, the penetration of heat into the ocean leads to the thermal expansion of the water; this effect, coupled with the melting of glaciers and ice sheets, results in a rise in sea level. Sea-level rise will not be uniform globally but will vary with factors such as currents, winds, and tides as well as with different rates of warming, the efficiency of ocean circulation, and regional and local atmospheric (e.g., tectonic and pressure) effects.

Many islands and atolls in the Pacific and Indian Oceans rarely exceed 3 - 4 m above mean sea level in elevation and therefore they could be vulnerable to changes of this magnitude.

impacts of the climate change will be:Major coastal impacts will result from accelerated sea-level rise; these effects will include coastal erosions, saline intrusion, and sea flooding, among other impacts.

Human Settlements and Infrastructure: In a number of islands, vital infrastructure and major concentrations of settlements are likely to be at risk, given their location at or near present sea level and their proximity to the coast (often within 1-2 km; e.g., Kiribati, Tuvalu, the Maldives, the Bahamas). Moreover, vulnerability assessments also suggest that shore and infra-structure protection costs could be financially burdensome for some small island states.
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