Paul Orfalea: Dyslexic CEO

By Logan Devries

Who Is Paul Orfalea?

Paul Orfalea has dyslexia and through his academic years he struggled in school. Paul wanted to become a successful business owner but lacked the skills to do so. Despite the adversity he faced in his life and his dyslexia making things like operating machinery, reading, and writing harder, Paul persevered. Paul Did eventually become the successful CEO of the business Kinko's .
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The Chronology Of Paul Orfalea

Paul was struggling in school because of his dyslexia. As a little boy paul decided he wanted to become a business owner. By the time Paul was in college and working towards his degree he was still trying to get closer to his goal of owning a business. He found ways to work around his disabilities by enlisting people to help him in areas where he lacked skills such as writing or reading. Eventually as Paul grew up he became a very successful business CEO.

Paul's Problem And his Solution

Paul's dyslexia constantly weighed him down. It made certain tasks like having to read or write more difficult more difficult than it would be for a non dyslexic person. Paul's solution to this problem was to get other people to make up for the skills he lacked while he would do things that he didn't have trouble with. This made Paul's goal easier to reach with the help of Paul"s fellow students.

The Cause And Effect Of Paul's Dream

Paul Orfalea's dream to become a business owner sparked a determination to achieve his dream job. He worked hard to make up for difficulties that his dyslexia caused. He found ways and people to help him achieve his goals. As Paul grew up he eventually became the successful leader of his business, kinko's.