The Periodic Table: Gold

Katie GIllette and Denise Leos

Basics of Gold


Atomic Number: 79

Atomic Mass: 197

Protons: 79

Neutrons: 118

Electrons: 79

VE: The usual number of VE is 1, but it is occasionally 3, because it is a transition metal.

Reactivity: Gold is not very reactive. It does not combine well with most other elements.

Symbol: Au

Period: 6

Group: 11

Boiling point: 4,892°F (2,700°C)

In Real Life

Where is gold found in our world?

Gold is found in the ground, but also in furniture, jewelry, paintings, and bits in everyday items.

What is gold used for?

People wear jewelry made out of it, watches, mirrors, and lots of other things have lots or maybe just a little bit of gold.

Bohr Model

There are 79 protons and 118 neutrons

2 Similar Elements


Symbol: Ag

Atomic Mass: 107 amu

Atomic Number: 47


Symbol: Cu

Atomic Number: 29

Atomic Mass: 64 amu