#Youmatter My Genious

My name is Samantha Anne McLaughlin, I am 18 years old and i think my genius is that I’m a very good people person. No matter if I know the person or not I am easy to get along with. I know how to be polite and make friends. I’m also a great dancer, It doesn't matter whether I know the dance before I see it.If I watch the dance video once, after that I can dance just like the people in the dance video. I love to dance no matter what time of day, if i can to survive on dancing I would. Everyone has told me that I’m a very good dancer and that I should open a dance studio.

My dream is to open my own dance studio or become a Marine Biologist. Once I’m out of high school, I’m going to get my degree in Marine Biology then after I get my degree I’m going to open my own dance studio and possibly work on that for a couple years while being a marine biologist. I would also love to work with the Giant Panda. All my life I’ve loved Pandas and one day I’m going to work with a Giant panda.

#Youmatter What breaks my heart

The thing that breaks my heart the most is animal cruelty because the animals are strongly abuse each day. Animals have feelings just like humans do. Every animal that I see getting abused or even if I don’t see them but can tell that they are getting abused just by their physical appearance, I call the cops and report animal abuse. Sometimes the cops don’t do anything about it so when the cops don’t do anything I go confront the owners. Even the owners sometimes don’t care about animal abuse.

When I was little I started a fundraiser to stop animal abuse. It didn’t help much but the money I did raise when to the animal abuse center. I don’t think the government is doing much about animal abuse either. The government needs to realize that animal abuse is just like child abuse. People go to jail for abusing children so people should go to jail for animal abuse too. Animals are just like humans, they hear things, they see things and they even have feelings.

#Youmatter My deepest Fear

I think that my deepest fear is of abandonment. Ever since I’ve been in this court system, I haven’t been getting along with my mom as much. It’s my fault I’m in the court system but my mom has hardly even talked to me. It’s like she doesn’t want anything to do with me anymore. My mom has been there for me my whole life and now all of a sudden she isn’t talking to me as much. I have had more of a relationship with my dad than I have with my mom but when I lived with my mom I had more of a relationship with her than my dad. I’m scared that one of these days both of them with have abandoned me. I know I’m not that nice to my parents but I don’t want them to abandon me. And that is my deepest fear.

#Youmatter My biggest dream

Ever since I was a little girl and I saw the movie Free Willy, I’ve always wanted to work with Marine Animals. Every single movie that comes out that has to do with marine animals, such as The Dolphin Tale, Finding Nemo, and The Dolphin Quest, I have to watch. I love Marine animals especially dolphins and whales. After I graduate from High School I plan on taking my basics at WNCC and then move to the coast and take my generals for marine biology somewhere in california and hopefully get a part time job at an aquarium. This summer after I take my summer classes and Im going to spend the summer in Denver and get a temporary summer job at the aquarium. My Biggest dream is to become a Marine Biologist.