Halloween in Canada

October 31

Brief History

Halloween started in the late 1800s as a day to remember and honor your loved ones that have died. Around the 1920s the holiday started to turn into a day where people would hangout and have a fun time and forgot about what it was really about.

Activities and Traditions

Popular activities when the holiday started to change was bobbing for apples carving pumpkins, but they didn't always use pumpkins. Before they used turnips but someone figured out that it was easier to carve pumpkins. Also the average Canadian spends roughly $70 dollars on Halloween each year.
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Traditional foods

Popular foods served are roasted pumpkin seeds, candy, cupcakes, mash potatoes and turkey or ham and an assortment of sides.

Festive attire

Each age group differs but the most popular costumes are super hero's like Superman, Batman the Hulk, cops and fire fighters, Super Villains like the Joker or just plain clothes with pumpkins on it.
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