Village Newsletter

Important Holiday Information


The Fall and Winter Breaks are just around the corner! We have all worked so hard this semester and a few moments of time spent out nearest and dearest are in sight.

Fall Break

The first official day of school closure is 11/25/11. The College reopens and classes begin in 11/30/15. ****The Village will remain open for this short break *****

Winter Break

The first official day of school closure is 10/13/15. The Village will also be closed to all students at this time. The Village will reopen on 1/10/16. That's right that reads 2016! a new year .

*****The Village will be closed from 12/13/15 - 1/10/16*****

Quick Reminder...

Friends, we know it's that time of year when everything is due. Its getting cold and gloomy. We know you can do it. Tomorrow is a break, and then Fall Break, and then Winter Break. We have one more month left. Living in community can be a challenge but you can do it. just remember to respect those that you live with (not just your suitemates). Do your dishes. Ask to borrow things. Keep noise to a manageable level. Keep the chill part of Netflix and Chill private (walls are thin guys). We're all adults. Let's act like it and finish the semester strong.