Third Grade Times

September 23, 2016

Important Upcoming Dates & Notes

  • Wednesday, Sept. 28 Talk with Texans
  • Friday, Sept. 30 LAPS FOR LEARNING (Please send in pledges/envelopes)
  • Monday, October 3: BES Spirit Night at Snuffer's
  • Wednesday, October 5 Progress Reports posted in Skyward
  • Thursday, October 6: GT LEAD Curriculum Night
  • Monday, October 10: Student Holiday/Staff Professional Learning
  • Friday, October 14: Dad's Club Movie Night
  • Wednesday, October 19 Report Cards posted in Skyward
  • Thursday, October 20: BES Spirit Night at Kendra Scott

REMINDER: We are hoping that every third grader will have a third grade t-shirt. Our wonderful grade level coordinator, Krista Kraja, doesn't have everyone's e-mail. Please contact her directly using her e-mail address to turn in your child's order so that she can place the final order for the new design. Krista's e-mail address is as follows: THANK YOU!



Talk with your learner about their Google drive. Much of the work students are doing is being stored in their drive, which is why you won't be seeing a lot of papers come home in Friday folders. Your student can explain to you how folders are set up to store their work for the various subjects (Humanities, Math, and Science). This a great way for you to have conversations with your learner about what he/she is doing in school on a daily basis.


This week we started drafting nonfiction books. Students chose a topic which they feel they are on expert on. They will show that they are indeed experts as we move forward to add many details next week. Our writers are very enthusiastic about this project. We also reviewed the skills of alphabetizing, capitals for beginnings of sentences, and capitalizing the pronoun, "I."


We will continue to work on the following two concepts through next week. Students can now access SpellingCity to practice their spelling. There are many games to play which will help our spellers. The more our students interact with the words, the more likely they will pick up on spelling patterns. Keep in mind that writing the words is the best way to practice spelling-----students need to write it and think about vowel sounds/patterns simultaneously. Also remember to revisit the concept by looking at the word sort which is in the student's Google drive.

*Short a and Long a ------

Ex: Short a: pan

Ex: Long a: (3 ways) pane, pain, & pay


*Adding "ing" to root words (Double or Nothing?) --------

Ex: skip/skipping (Double)

Ex: pick/picking (Nothing)


This week we worked on a skill which is not always easy. We worked on identifying the main idea of a short passage. We will revisit this skill again next week and essentially all year long. One way you can practice this at home is by asking your reader the main idea of a chapter they just read. Ask, "What was that chapter mostly about?" You can also read their library "dessert" books with them and ask, "What is the main thing the author wants you to know by reading this section?" Other ongoing skills we reviewed this week are predicting and making connections.

Reminder: Please be sure to remember that while the "UN" homework your child brings home each week is negotiable (student choice), reading nightly is nonnegotiable. We all know that readers become better readers by READING. Thank you for your support.

Science News

This week we reviewed life cycles of both plants and insects. We also had some very interesting conversations as we discussed the difference between inherited traits and acquired behaviors. Ex: The spots on a leopard and shape of a leaf are both inherited traits. Learning to hunt or avoid prey that tastes bad are both acquired behaviors.


This week in math we worked on graphing. Ask your mathematician about the graph he/she made this week. Students wrote a survey question and went about the business of collecting the data using tally marks. They then drew a bar graph to show what information was gathered during the survey. Ask what things are always included on all bar graphs. Next week students will spend some time interpreting graphs. We will also be working on addition and subtraction.