What you NEED to know about the ACT

All LPS Juniors take the ACT on Tuesday, April 19th!

What the test looks like...

Test 1: English--75 questions--45 minutes
Test 2: Math--60 questions--60 minutes
*** 15 minute BREAK outside the testing room***
Test 3: Reading--40 questions--35 minutes
Test 4: Science--40 questions--35 minutes
*** 5 minute BREAK inside the testing room ***
Test 5: Writing--1 question--40 minutes

Arrival Time...

Please arrive at your home high school at 7:45am OR immediately after you get off the bus.
Academy Juniors report to their HOME HIGH SCHOOL for the ACT test. This test is NOT given at Liberty Academy.
Liberty High students please check in at the main office and let them know you are a Liberty Academy student.
Liberty North students please check in directly at the Fieldhouse. Let them know you are a Liberty Academy student.
Students can ride their regular bus and then enter their home school. If your junior drives...
Liberty High AND Liberty North students park in VISITORS parking. In the event you get a parking ticket, turn it in to Mrs. Streu and it will be WAIVED.
Eat breakfast BEFORE you arrive at school as breakfast will not be available to juniors on ACT test day.

What To Bring To The Test...

*A photo id: VALID and must show your FIRST AND LAST name
(driver's license, passport, school i.d.)
*Two #2 pencils
*An ACT approved calculator (see Mrs. Lucas or Mrs. Patterson if you have questions or need a loaner calculator)
*A SNACK if you want to eat during your 15 minute break

What Can't Be Brought To The Test...

You are NOT allowed to use cell phones or any other electronic devices OR have them in your possession at any time. THIS INCLUDES DURING BREAKS!

More Things To Know...

*You cannot talk during the test.
*You MUST stop marking answers when time is called.
*You may not go back and fill in answers on a previous test section.
*You cannot wear a hat or a hoodie during the test.

After the Test is Done...

Liberty High AND Liberty North students will meet the shuttle bus at the front entrance. The shuttle bus (and any LA drivers) will return directly to Liberty Academy.
We will have lunch for you when you return.