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Important Information and Updates

Home Stretch

We are in the home stretch of the BOY assessment season! Take a deep breath! You will actually be able to teach now! Don't forget to use the data wisely to drive instruction. You took so much time and energy, make it count. Use it to focus instruction and work smarter not harder! Thank you to those who completed the survey. If you have not done so, it is not too late. We have 60% staff completion rate. We want 100%. Thank you teams for supporting one another during curriculum night and thank you for your hard work with assessing your students the entire month. I know that they were requirements, but it is still greatly appreciated. Take this time to teach your heart out!!!! You only have about two months before we enter the testing window again! :-)

Happy Fall!


Close Reading In Action

A big shout out to Mr. Mitchell and the 4th grade team for implementing close reading during content. Please don't forget to incorporate close reading. It can take place during literacy or content areas. A book was chosen and a copy of 1 page was made for students to highlight, etc. in order to answer the text dependent questions. Most of you have these text sets in your classroom (3-5). Let me know how I can support you with the implementation of close reading in your classroom.

BOY assessment Window Closes September 30th

The TRC and BAS beginning of year (BOY) window closes Sept. 30th. Please let me know if you need support.

Grades 4-5- Please don't forget to place a list of students and reading levels in my box before you go home on Oct. 30th.

RTI Groups

We must work quick to get RTI groups established and running. Before you get to planning, write students names down by overall RTI band. We will determine during planning if we need to look at specific strands, or if students pretty much fall under the same band either way. Having students already separated will help us to compose and maneuver groups faster and more efficiently.


We are currently holding conversations in planning about PEP's (who will need one and if we are going to implement a Tier I plan.) Please make sure to have students that you want to put on a Tier I plan or PEP ready so that the process can go fast and smooth.

Math Cycle 2 Assessments

These assessments should be up this Friday.

Generation Nation---Social Studies Resources

Please see the information below and incorporate some of these activities in your social studies plans.

Help your students to understand how their governments and communities work, about the key issues, the ways citizens and leaders collaborate to solve problems at the local, state and national levels – and gain the knowledge and skills to make a difference.

GenerationNation offers smart, fun, engaging educational programs tied to C3 Framework, Common Core, and Essential Standards, connecting classroom activities with hands‐on experiences to narrow gaps and maximize student comprehension and impact.

GenerationNation Educators Network

We'll be in touch periodically to share timely educational resources, learning opportunities, and easy tips for integrating civic literacy into your classroom. You can always find program and resource information at and get more frequent updates by following GenerationNation on social media.

If you are serving in a GenerationNation Educator Leadership role, you will receive additional information about implementing the programs at your school.

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Civic learning opportunities you can use right now

Debate watch: ways to use the presidential candidate debates for learning and dialogue - we'll post video of the September 16 debate after it is over

Still looking for ideas for Constitution Day?

Check out the Student Candidate Guide (with service opportunities)

Encourage high school students to join the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Youth Council

How can GenerationNation help you this year?

Easy-to use hub of civics literacy curriculum and resources, primary sources, videos, and news articles tied to current events plus strategies and tips for simple ways you can integrate civic literacy into your existing lesson plans.

A variety of learning opportunities that help your students to put civics and leadership into action. These include the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Youth Council, Youth Leadership Charlotte, Kids Voting, CLT-Meck 101, a classroom speakers bureau, civics action projects, and other experiences.

Learn more
GenerationNation programs and resources overview
Curriculum Day packet with local/state government 101 reference
Curriculum Day slides and notes
GenerationNation 2014-15 Impact

You're making a difference!
Nearly 1 million Charlotte students have built and applied civic literacy, knowledge, and skills through GenerationNation programs. Launched in 1992 as a mock election event called Kids Voting, GenerationNation has worked with educators and other community stakeholders in recent years to launch programming to educate and engage a new generation of citizens and leaders every day of the year.

The first phase of GenerationNation's expanded work has targeted high school students. GenerationNation's youth learning opportunities include educational sessions, dialogues, service-learning, field trips, and other hands-on experiences.

Students regularly interact with community leaders, engage in local government, learn about and apply knowledge to solve civic issues, and collaborate with youth from other schools and backgrounds. Future strategies will expand programming for K-8 students, program alumni, and teachers.