Digital Curation in the Classroom

An MU 5541 student's take on "pushing" curation tools

What is "curation" in today's terms?

Curation is a wonderful collection of resources that can be captured digitally, and used for endless instructional lessons. The collections can be stored, and shared with students virtually 24/7. Adding Curation Tools in the classroom will connect the student to digital resources that will contribute to academic success.

How Can Curation Tools Help The Classroom Teacher???

Teachers can connect to students on a "digital" level, making learning engaging and fun. Learning about Curation Tools is also a great way to collaborate with other teachers and the SCHOOL LIBRARIAN!

Some curation tool platforms:

-Mentormob -Scoop.It


During the course of MU 5541, I have been enlightened by the use of digital tools in the library and classroom. I have personally worked through technical difficulties, and have gained the confidence to explore tools that now I don’t think that I can live without. Now, I want to share my discoveries with teachers and students. I decided to explore the idea of pushing curation use in the classroom. I see the endless uses and benefits of this skill.