JFK Assassination

Tayler Woods Period 7

Basic background

Back in 1963, The United States president John F. Kennedy was killed in the back of a car down in Fort Worth, Texas. It was a horrible day for the U.S. Their are many theories to who killed him, but nobody really knows.
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Perspective #1

Some said that only one bullet was fired. They call it the magic bullet. The theory says that the bullet went into JFK and curved around went into the guy in front of him. It was a strange theory that didn't really seem possible at the time.

Perspective #2

Another Theory was that the Vice president at the time had him killed. Lyndon B. Johnson and JFK butted heads on a lot of subjects. So some thought that Johnson had him killed so he could gain power. They thought Johnson wasn't happy as Vice President.

Media Biased

In the 60's, The cold war was happening. So a lot of media people went on to say that Russia killed him. They said Oswald was Russian and was ordered to come to the U.S. and kill the president of the United States.

Criticism #1

This event changed the course of American History. It was such a dark day that it will never be forgotten.

Criticism #2

Sometimes things happen. This time he just happen to be the President.