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Mental disorder that makes an individual believe he/she thinks they have a serious physical disease based on exaggerated interpenetration of the symptoms.

Disease or just displeased?

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Hypochondria happens to people who are highly sensitive to physical sensations. (People who pay more attention to there body, or wrongly interpret illnesses within their body).


Preoccupation with the fear of a serious disease or illness.
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Treatment and /or Medication:

The treatment for hypochondria involves the effort to find a better way to overcome the way his/her medically unexplained symptoms/ illness concerns. More hypochondria patients are treated with targeted psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is a way of treating depression by talking about your condition or related issue with a mental health provider.

Age/ Gender Tendencies:

Hypochondria is not the most common mental illness in the United States, 1-5% of the population may be effected by it.


Hypochondria is a mental disorder. This disorder involves an excessive fear of having a serious disease. This anxiety is hard to comprehend for some. In order to qualify for hypochondria the fear of disease must interfere with personal life and cause a lot of stress. This occupation ca last up to six months.
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Three Agencies that deal with hypochondria:

-Cleveland clinic Phone number: 866-588-2264 Address-921 Jasonway Avenue

Columbus, Ohio 43214

614.358.4223 Web:http://my.clevelandclinic.org/services/neurological_institute

-Mayo Clinic Phone number: 480-301-8000 Address:4500 San Pablo Road

Jacksonville, FL 32224 Web:http://www.mayoclinic.org/

-Mill wood Hospital: Web Address:http://www.millwoodhospital.com/ Address:1111 N. Cooper Street, Arlington, Texas 76011 Phone Number:(817) 261-3121

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