History and description

Lead is a shiny rough-black mineral. It's symbol is Pb. Leads atomic number is 82, it's atomic weight is 207.2, and lead is located in period 6 of the periodic table.It was discovered in ancient times and was used in the Roman Empire. Alchemist believe that it is one of the oldest metals known to mankind. Alchemist also believed that lead was associated with the planet Saturn. Alchemist spend lots of time trying to transform lead into gold.

What is lead used for?

  • lead is used in storage batteries,
  • cable covering,
  • plumbing
  • ammunition.
  • lead is a good sound absorber
  • a radiation shield around X - ray equipment
  • nuclear reactors.
  • water pipes
  • insecticides
  • oxide used to produce crystal gases.


Humans contain about 0.0007718 lbs of lead per pound. Most ingested lead passes through your body without being absorbed. Lead effects your gut, your central nervous system, and causes anemia. Lead is a cumulative poison and a common occupational disease. Compounds of lead can be

Interesting facts

- Lead was used in the Roman Empire water pipes which lead to the decline of the Roman Empire.

- Lead is a poor conductor of electricity.

- Lead used to be used as weights for fishing.

- Lead is still used in some grades of gasoline.

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