Excursion to the Dutch Castle

Better know as Âng-mn̂g-siânn

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The Dutch Castle

Wednesday, Dec. 11th, 1pm

Taiwan, New Taipei City, Tamsui District, 淡水紅毛城

Meeting Place: The front desk of Fengya Hall at 13:00.

Bring your Easy Card, umbrella, water, and keep yourself warm.

Be punctual.

Brief History of the Castle

The phrase Âng-mn̂g-siâⁿ is Taiwanese language to describe a fortress built by Western people with red hair. This relic was originally built by Spanish people who were trying to gain a foothold in northern Taiwan. They tried to build up a place where they could do business and profit during the Age of Discovery(大航海時代). However, the Dutch had a war with them. The Spanish was defeated and burnt it down. The Dutch re-built it in 1644 and name it Fort Antonio after Antonio van Diemen, who was a Dutch Asia governor of the time. The Dutch built up a colonization settlement in parts of Taiwan from 1624 to 1662, 38 years in total. This fortress or castle became very important for trading business and military defense later in years to come because of its strategic vantage point. Many nations had used this place for different periods of time in history. We will learn more tomorrow when we get there.

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Brief History of the Tariff Officials' Residence

The Qing dynasty lost a war to U.K. and was forced to open up 淡dàn 水shuǐ as one of the harbors for business in 1860. This residence, better know as Little White House(小白宮), was built in 1862 to host some European tariff officials. They were hired by the Qing government to prevent their own Chinese officials from corruptions. Into the Japanese era, the business was declining and the residence was re-purposed as an entertainment place for officials from the government and military. After the Japanese left, it was abandoned for a long time until 1997 when the government decided to rehabbed the relic as we see it now.

Excursion Itinerary

12:55-13:00 Meet up at the front desk of Feng-ya Hall.

13:00-13:10 Go catch the bus 557 to Shihlin MRT St.

13:30-14:00 Ride from Shihlin MRT St. to Tamsuei MRT St.

14:00-14:15 Take Bus 857/ 836/ Red 26 to the Castle

14:15-14:30 Take a break and take pictures

14:30-15:20 Join the guided tour at the Castle

15:20-16:00 Walk to the Little White House

16:00-16:30 Join the guided tour at the House.

16:30-16:40 Walk to the old street and dismiss on site