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The RC world is always welcoming to newcomers who wish to tap into the exciting realm of radio controlled hobbies. Cars and trucks are great introductory RC vehicles that you can try out if you want to dip a toe in the hobby. RC trucks are relatively inexpensive way to enter the RC world, and they can give you all the adrenaline, speed, and thrill fix you want and expect from an RC experience. From off-road buggies to monster trucks, on-road cars, and stadium race trucks, you can surely find something for your taste (and budget) from hobby outlets that offer competitive rates on superior-quality hobby grade RC vehicles. These online sources are the best places to turn to if you want to start at a lower cost, but get powerful machines on your first RC trucking experience. The following are some of the most popular types of RC hobby trucks you will likely encounter as you seek out good units online:

  • Monster trucks – this is the most popular truck style for off-road RC trucking, as they provide the most ground clearance and have large tires with aggressive tread that are optimal for driving over rougher terrain

  • Short Course Trucks and Trophy Trucks - although this style varies by manufacturer, these trucks are more optimized for dirt track racing. They have less ground clearance {than a monster truck) and a lower center of gravity, which makes them more stable for hard cornering. They usually have fenders which cover the wheels, so you can have more aggressive fender on fender racing.

  • Stadium racers or Truggies – A hybrid between the monster truck and the off-road buggy, stadium racers are also popular, as they offer the strength of both RC configurations. They offer more ground clearance and a wider wheelbase and bigger tries than buggies, but their lower center of gravity makes them more stable than monster trucks. There are also great for dirt track racing.

All these truck styles are available in both electric and nitro gas powered configurations, and are characterized by being more rugged for off-road driving, but can also be extremely fast.

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