Mold in school food!

Have you heard about it?

Here's what's going on ...

Some students in Charles County Public Schols are starting to notice that there is mold in there food and inside of their juices. The more the students start to find mold in their food, the greater they are to get sick and have to miss school days.

This is what I think we should do

I think that the lunch ladies/men should check the dates on the bread and juices before they serve it to us. They also should not leave the food in a bad area. The rules and regulations are not good enough. Somebody needs to check it. This action is needed because some of the students could get sick and other health reasons. Maybe we could use a Health Inspection at Thomas Stone High School sometime in the next couple months. The Charles County Board of Education and probably The Food & Drug Incoorperation should be involved also.  All they would have to do is come in and inspect the food and juices that are delievered to make sure that they are all healthy.

Public Policy Roles

The County Government could get involved by getting a group of people to check the juices ane it to figure out where the mold is coming from. d food before they deliever it to the school. They could also keep track of how they take care of it once its in there and where they place it. Groups and Buisnesses could get involved by working together to find out where the mold is occuring and also find out why its only on some of the food and juices and not all of it. Individuals could get involved by inspecting the food and just looking at it to see if it is safe to eat. But then again, if anyone checks it they can't just open all of the food and juices so i dont know how else they could check it. Maybe if they check the temperatures.