Prince Edward Island

By: Sarah W.

Prince Edward Island, Canada


In 1758, Britain gained control of the island and changed the name to St. John's island. Charlottetown became the capital of Queens country and then the capital of the province. P.E.I was named after Queen Victoria's dad prince Edward.


There is 77% of European people,3% of North American people,39% of other North American people and 3% of Asian people.
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In P.E.I there is only two cities, Charlottetown and Summer Side.
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Lobster diners have been a tradition on P.E.I for almost 50 years. Community-wide lobster dinners raise money for churches. Everyone who came brought something like coleslaw, homemade rolls, mussels or seafood chowder. P.E.I also produces one-third of Canada's potatoes.
Prince Edward Island: Best Beaches


The average Summer temperature is 22.5`c. In Winter it usually stays around 7`c. It gets lots of rain lots of wind. Summers are humid but the sea cools the people down. They don't get much fog in P.E.I. Winters are long but not to cold.
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Colman animals are duck, fox(pictured below), geese, herring, lobster, mackerel, mink, Atlantic salmon, muskrat, pheasant, partridge, perch, snowshoe hare and weasel. Colman pants are ash, pine, oak, primrose(pictured above), may flower, Irish moss and devil's paintbrush. Endangered plants are broom crowberry and woody Judsonia. Endangered animals are piping plover and Eskimo curlew.

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There mining industry is tiny. they mine sand and gravel in small amounts.


In P.E.I there soil is so good to grow crops in, it was given the nickname the "Garden Province". there is about 2,800 farms in Prince Edward Island.
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Lennie Gallant is a singer from Prince Edward Island

Lennie Gallant

Lennie Gallant