Come to Georgia!

The Land of the Semi-Free

Starting Up!

Our wonderful colony was the brainchild of an English man, James Oglethorpe, and authorized by King George the second in 1730. It was the last of the English colonies to be established and serves as a buffer from the Spaniards down south. This is because we are the southernmost colony out of our 12 older brothers and sisters and are positioned the best to block Spaniards from advancing. Due to our warm climate and fertile soil we also focus on farming as our main form of income.
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Our government started out with a system of 20 Trustees. These trustees did not listen to what the citizens wanted so the citizens grew unhappier because many were from other colonies that had more freedoms than did Georgia. This forced the trustees to eventually give way to the citizens' wants in the 1740's.
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Some History

Georgia first officially started in 1733 when the settlers first began to colonize. Oglethorpe was among the first group. He negotiated with the native tribes because he thought that it was necessary due to the fact that the Spaniards also had a good relationship with the natives. In the 1740's the Trustees gave more freedom to the colonists.