Instructional Inspiration

Ideas and insight from LHHS' ISs, Dec. 2014


We don't mind troubleshooting the Lexmark, sorting benchmarks, or assisting with testing, but what we love is instruction. We enjoy planning professional development, we love researching ideas with you, and we want to create ways for you to grow as teachers, learners, and leaders. We love finding ways that you and your students can be even more successful in your classroom! What else can we do for you? If you have any requests or suggestions, please complete this brief form.

Exam Review Ideas

Don't let the last two weeks drag with review packets. Get inspired by some of these review ideas listed here:

Using a "Rally Coach" (Partner Quiz) to Engage Students

The students were so engaged during this quiz that we had to film them! The partner quiz is one of our favorite strategies to get students talking, sharing, and working together. (At the end of the video, Chris Polito's expression will make you laugh!)
Engaged Students!

Instructional Strategies for A(e)LL

Here is the Google folder that contains all of Wendi Hanson's materials. She included all of her resources in this folder, but one of our favorites is this document which gives brief descriptions of dozens of instructional strategies.

And Speaking of Google...

Do you want to learn even more about Google? Have you signed up for LHHS' Google training on December 10th? Sign up on ERO by searching for the session number 3512561501. The training is 4:30 - 6:30, plus you must submit a project, so you'll receive all required technology hours.

More Cool Classrooms

Check out great things happening in our classrooms! This edition features Ashley Smith, Rhianna Anglin, Emily Howard, and Tina Walker.

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