Beer's Law Lab

Slove case of Aunt Elda's Death

Illistrations and lab set up/Conclusions

1. Was the concentration of aunt Elda's anesthesia too strong?

- Yes the concentration of Aunt Elda's anesthesia was to strong it was 50% and over 40% can kill a person.

2. If yes what was the cause of her death?

- The cause of aunt Elda's death was from a overdose of anesthesia.

3.How did Beer's Law help you solve the case?

- The Beer's Law helped me solve this lab by using the Cuvettes and putting in the different percent of solutions in each of them and putting them in the colorimeter and gave me the percentage of each of them including Aunt Elda.

Background Info

This lab is to solve the death of Aunt Elda who died after a perseager. We had to see if she died of natural causes or of too much anesthesia.

Examples of making a solution

Example: 50% solution 50% water

Example: 25% solution 75% water

Scientific explanations/ observations

In this lab we found out that Aunt Elda had died from too much anesthesia. my evidence is shown in the graph and her anesthesia was 50% so she died from an overdose. Over 40% can kill a person.