By: EJ and Jackson Westemeier

Properties of magnets

1. Attract iron/ materials made of iron

2. Attract or repel other magnets

3. Point north when swing freely

Magnetic Poles

On any magnet no matter it's shape it has two poles. A North Pole and a South Pole. Poles that are unlike attract each other. Example: North Pole and South Pole will attract

Alike poles repel each other. Example: South Pole and South Pole repel.

Magnetic force

There are two types of force: Push and pull. Magnetic force relates to poles because unlike poles attract and like poles repel.

Magnetic fields

Magnetic fields are the area of force around a magnet.

The closer the magnets the stronger the magnetic field is.

The field lines are strongest at the poles, you can tell this because the closer the lines are together the stronger it is.

Magnetic Domains

In magnetized material the domains are line up the same and they look the same

In unmagnetized material the domains are jumbled up and pointing in random directions.

Attracting & Repelling