By: Izzy Navia

A pretty little house

on the corner of the street

a family lie asleep inside

unaware of an argument that would soon turn up the heat

The mother awoke

and tiptoed down the hall

turned the doorknob

and gasped at what she saw

Stuff piled everywhere

up upon the bed

the mom awoke the daughter

in-between screaming she said

Make and clean your bed

or you will never see your friend

she pointed her finger

and began to decend

The daughter sighed

rubbed her temple in distress

and began to glance

at the surrounding mess

Pillows piled empire state building high

socks strewn around

clothes of every kind, some she needs to find

many never to be found

Sheets crumpled up

like a wrinkly old prune

a never ending assortment

she hoped to reach the end soon

Teddy bears cried for help while trying to hide

as the whirlwind grew near

SNAP went the headboard

she cried out in fear

Outside the window

she saw her best bud wave

she hoped her friend could help her cope

maybe she could be saved

Her mothers words came back

she peered around and for a fact, saw what she lacked

cleanliness would be a hard shell to crack

a new lifestyle she had to enact

She was sad when her mom was mad

but what no one could have seen

thirty minutes later

her room was clean

Her mom let her reunite with her friend

and marveled at her feat

everything looked nice

it was all so very neat

One thing she forgot

a mothers great mistake

if she peered under the bed

her heart would surely ache

Izzy Navia

with mattress still leaning

gave monsters under the bed

a brand new meaning

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