Evan Peters Times

by Emma Powers

Not Your Average Actor

Who's the film star whose played roles as a murderous teenager, a framed serial killer, a Frankenstein frat boy, and a rebellious human freak? Evan Peters, of course! Evan Peters has starred in many movies and TV shows, including all four seasons of American Horror Story. Evan was born on January 20, 1987 in St. Louis , Missouri, to Julie and Phil Peters. Later on in his life, he moved to Grand Blanc, Michigan when his fathers job got transferred. Then at age fifteen, Evan and his mom moved to Los Angeles, California so Evan could pursue his acting career. Evan's siblings, Andrew and Michelle, stayed in Michigan to finish school, which Evan did not do. Instead, he became home schooled.

Evan's debut film was Clipping Adam, which came out in 2004. This performance was nominated for a award, which won. He also has been nominated for two other awards based on other movies and shows Evan has starred in. He was casted onto the American Horror Story cast in 2011, and is great friends with co-stars Taissa Farmiga, and Sarah Paulson. He's also engaged to co star Emma Roberts.

Currently, Evan lives in Los Angeles, California. Some other extra facts are that Evan is 5' 9 1/2", puts peanut butter on his bagels, loves Halloween, and is trying to learn how to play the classical piano.

A Truly Horrifyingly Elegant Murder House

Where did all the horror start? The answer to this, is the "Murder House". The Murder House is a central location and focus of the first season of American Horror Story. The house was built by Alfred Rosenheim in 1902. Alfred was a respected architect at this time, and the surrounding neighborhood was known as "billionaire row." The house is an elegant Victorian, with extensive brick work, and Tiffany stained glass.

The house has been featured in hundreds of TV shows and movies, such as, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 2002's Spiderman, and The Twilight Zone. Many photographers have also shot at the Rosenheim mansion, and its also been the location of many music videos, and private events.

Before American Horror Story producer, Ryan Murphy, found the mansion, it was used as a convent. When Murphy found the house he said the house was the perfect mix of creepiness, and elegance. After finding the house, Murphy made an exact replica of the house to film in, but the first episode was still filmed in the actual house. While filming the first episode, many noises were repeatedly heard. Also, the house had an adjoining chapel, which was removed using CGI.

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Cast of American Horror Story

This is the American Horror Story cast at a event for FX network

Wedding Announcement!

Evan Peters & Emma Roberts got engaged in December of 2014. They have not played a wedding date quite yet, because of their very busy schedules. They hope to wed sometime in 2015.
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Evan & Emma

Evan Peters and Emma Roberts at the FX network event

Upcoming Films with Evan Peters

This year so far, Evan Peters has starred in one movie, The Lazurus Affect. This movie, according to Rotten Tomatoes, had a talented cast and an interesting idea. Peters also is planned on being in two other movies, one being Safelight, which comes out this year. Another is Elvis & Nixon, which is currently being filmed.

Review of Clipping Adam (Evans First Film)

Clipping Adam, has great reviews filled with comments about the actors and the performance. It was a very creative film. The movie is about a a boy named Adam, and throughout the movie Adam struggles with family tragedy, everyday teenage growing pains, and the very real threat of high school. The film director of Clipping Adam was Michael Picchiottino.
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Clipping Adam

The Clipping Adam poster