April DeLoach Nation Recognition

OMG We Grew Our Team Volume by Over $140,000 in 1 month!!!

Do you know what you hold in your hands? So MANY HUGE Promotions to Celebrate!

This is the power of Arbonne and network marketing! WORK NOW and you'll be sitting on a business that pays you for LIFE, & is CHANGING LIVES in only a few short years!



NVP-in-qualification TEAM KLEIMAN!!!

RVP-in-qualification Emily Sandusky!!! (in Liz DeLoach's Region)

RVP-in-qualification Britt Gibson!!! (in Haley Duncan's Region)

& MANY AMs-in-qaul with more VPs about to POP!

"All of you can be apart of this WAVE of ENERGY! You just have to decide and ACT!

You will sponsor more people by the energy and conviction that you show, than by the information you share!" - Jerry Roisentul (VP Coach)

Congratulations New Regional Vice President - Laura Ferguson & TEAM!

Laura has such an unbelievable work ethic and heart, everything she does is for others. She has such a full plate already with THREE YOUNG boys, and police officer husband working 12-hour shifts. Laura always manages to work Arbonne as one of her top priorities and her family and team are benefiting from this leadership and focus. It was amazing seeing her team come together, literally "dialing for dollars" party until 10:00 PM selling Ultras, Mother's Day, and Cleanse packages. Leaders attract leaders -- There are MANY leaders on Laura's team about to earn their Benz's as well. Cheering you all on! Huge congratulations Laura, you couldn't be more deserving!!!

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April Recognition

Momentum is everything! Let's keep this going until everyone reaches their goals!


Holly Kleiman

CONGRATULATONS NEW Regional Vice President!!!!!!

Laura Ferguson in Haley Duncan's Region

Regional Vice Presidents-in-Qualification!!!!

Emily Sandusky in Liz Deloach's Region

Britt Gibson in Haley Duncan's Region

Halfway to RVP Qualification.... You're NEXT!

Claire Broxterman

Niki Costantino

NEW Area Manager!

Jillain Kwak in Laura Ferguson's District

Area Managers-in-Qualification!

Christine Wolf in Claire Broxterman's District

Kelly Guigni in Laura Ferguson's District

Ashleigh Moore in Laura Ferguson's District

Kati Christensen in Britt Gibson's District

Shannon Johnson in Haley Duncan's District

Katie Roof in Amber Soukup's District

New District Managers!

Elysia Pearce in Liz DeLoach’s District

Sara Hemmen in Teresa Marick’s District

Patricia Baker in Lisa Bonotto's District

Micaela Hollett in Jill Douglas’ District

Jillian Taylor in Nicole Hank's District

Kathryn Anderson in Kati Christensen's District

District Managers-in-Qualification

Nicolle Bartos Holly Kleiman's District

Suzanne Ellard Holly Kleiman's District

Jill Krenkler Holly Kleiman's District

Dawn Quadrini Holly Kleiman's District

Andrea Werner Risa Daniel's District

Patti Ribb in Brook Brand's District

Liz McNary in Christine Wolf's District

Linda Gerard in Najia Said's District

Kristen Burger in Liz Odle's District

Tracy Conway in Claire Broxterman's District

Maddie Broxterman in Claire Broxterman's District

Kristen Conant Guy in Claire Broxterman's District

Deane Henderson in Claire Broxterman's District

Paris Davis in Niki Costantino's District

Chelsea Hendrix in Niki Costantino's District

Robyn Rogers in Niki Costantino's District

Amanda lee in Jessica Davis's District

Justine Bianca in Natalie Schwartz's District

Janelle Cahoon in Nicole Grave's District

Lisa Callenbach in Bridget Gould's District

Tara Quicke Laura Ferguson's District

Jen Yakel in Laura Ferugson's District

Amanda Enderman in Rena Frey's District

Jessica Standon in Laura Rash/Rena Frey's District

Megan Paduano in Kelly Giugni's

Allie Pries in Kelly Giugni's District

Stephanie Henderson in Jillaine Kwak's District

Sarah Hole in Jillaine Kwak's District

Tiffany Poling in Allyson Senter's District

Rebecca Debano in Haley Duncan's District

Donna Lunney in Jamie Wallace's District

Dana Hamilton in Tammy Gibsons District

Rose Duran in Angela Perez's District

Sara Almaraz in Angela Perez's District

Alexandra Bellott in Kati Christensen's District

Kyra Hamilton in Kati Christensen's District

Christine Mcalduff in Kati Christensen's District

Samantha Wilhelm in Kati Christensen's District

Jennifer Arteaga in Kati Roof's District

Sam Cooper in Teresa Marick’s District

Megan Davis in Erin Finnegan’s District

Jennifer Dauphinais in Liz DeLoach’s District

Meredith Torrence in Liz DeLoach’s District

Emily Woods in Liz DeLoach’s District

Sarah Peterson in Emily Sandusky's District

Stephanie Kanak in Corinne Babcock's District

Evelyn Gibbons in Jill Douglas’ District

Loraine McPherson in Erin Olivera’s District

District Manager Bonus Earners - These people are getting awesome checks!

Erin Olivera

Liz DeLoach

Corinne Babcock

Emily Sandusky

Lisa Bonotto

Jill Douglas

Lisa Fenberg

Holly Kleiman

Niki Costantino

Claire Broxterman

Brook Brand

Bridget Gould

Najia Said

Ellie Seyler

Natalie Frazier

Annie Spalding

Jessica Davis

Jillaine Kwak

Kati Christensen

Laura Ferguson

Katie Roof

Kelly Giugni

Nicole Hank

Angela Perez

Rena Frey

AM Bonus Earners:

Emily Sandusky

Liz DeLoach

Laura Ferguson

Claire Broxterman

Haley Duncan

Holly Kleiman

Britt Gibson

RVP Bonus Earner:

Liz DeLoach

Holly Kleiman

Haley Duncan


Liz DeLoach

Holly Kleiman

Top Personal 150+ Sponsoring

Najia Said - 9

Nicole Costantino - 8

Justine Bianca - 7

Corinne Babcock - 7

Jillaine Kwak - 7

Top Central Area Sponsoring 150

Nicole Costantino - 20

Natalie Frazier - 14

Jillaine Kwak - 12

Holly Kleiman - 12

Najia Said - 10

Corinne Babcock - 10

Kati Christensen - 10

Jessica Davis - 9

Jill Douglas - 8

Lisa Bonotto - 8

Top Region Sponsoring 150

Kleiman Region 101

Duncan Region 80

Liz DeLoach 60


Are you missing-out on our Monday Team Calls?! WEEKLY BURST FOR YOUR BIZ!!

We will be doing weekly 30-min team calls every Monday morning, 9:30 AM PST (10:30 MST, 11:30 EST) on ERVP Holly Kleiman’s zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/8945817038

It will always be recorded if you can’t jump-on live!

We’ll have guest speakers, and the MOVER & SHAKERS will speak to share their ENERGY to help your weekly energy and mindset! Mindset is 90% of this business, so these calls are to help you reach YOUR GOALS!

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Mark your Calendar for May Virtual Discover Arbonne Events

Virtual Discover Arbonne

Monday May 9th- 7pm MST RVP Whitney Roebel https://zoom.us/j/355593428

Sunday May 15th- 7pm MST - ERVP (NVP-in-qual) APRIL WELSH https://zoom.us/j/186384415

Thursday May 26th- 7pm MST - ERVP (NVP-in-qual) Holly Kleiman https://zoom.us/j/8945817038

These are POWERFUL, & TIME EFFICIENT TO HELP YOU GROW A HUGE BUSINESS ANYWHERE! Take advantage of the VP leadership & Get you ASK ON!

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Start Now Training

A must watch for everyone -- especially if you are new!


Start Now Training with ENVP Mary Wright

Consultants Can Now EARN RIGHT AWAY!! This is HUGE! Thank you Arbonne!

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9 in 90 Challenge will be STARTING AGAIN right after GTC! Who's IN?!

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Be Coachable and Earn a Coach Gift From Your VP!

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2016 Sponsoring Is ON! Sponsor $150 PCs/Cons for Success and AWESOME GIFTS

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VAIL RETREAT... DECIDE to be an AM or VP to qualify!

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Are you Goal Oriented

Every book on Success states that people are much more likely to achieve their GOALS when they clearly define them with a TIMELINE! Set you goals and share with your upline -- we'll help you reach them!

example goals...

DM by Feb 29, 2016 or sooner!

AM by March 31, 2016 or sooner -- WHITE PARTY BABY!!!

RVP by May 31, 2016 or sooner!! Beep Beep!

NVP by Jan 31, 2017 or sooner! FREEDOM!!!

Have you made your VISION BOARD?!

Print 5 copies past in your bathroom, car, kitchen, bedroom and say outloud 5X, 5X in a row! Powerful! What's your GTC goal?

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