The Buzz...from the Busy Bees

Mrs. Slominsky's Class 2015-2016

March 15-18

Hello Busy Bee Families! I hope you all enjoyed your Spring Break. My family and I had a great time in Orange Beach and were even surprised to run into one of the busy bees while hiking in a wildlife refuge. Small world! Your child's report card will be sent home on Friday. Included in the envelope will be a report from me that includes glow (strength) and grow (areas to work on) for each subject area. I am excited to share your child's progress with you! I will be available to conference with anyone who wishes to speak to me on Tuesday March 22nd after 5:15 pm. Just send me an email or write me a note if you want to set up a time. It's going to "bee" a great week!

Mrs. Michelle Slominsky

Reader's Workshop

Wow! I have missed my readers. This week we'll be taking a bit of time to review all of the reading strategies we've learned this year. The goal is for students to not only know the strategies but to apply them without prompting from teachers. We're also going to take the time to review our popcorn words (sight words that pop up in reading, writing and speaking).

Writer's Workshop

This week will be all about reviewing conventions of writing. We'll focus on what it takes to write a complete sentence. We'll learn that a complete sentence contains:

1. Subject (Who?)

2. Verb (What?)

3. It makes sense.

4. Capital at the start

5. End mark at the end (?, ., !)

Content/Language Workshop

This week we'll be learning about families. We'll talk about how every family is different and celebrates in different ways. We'll use a book called A Chair For My Mother and another book called Titch to make text-to-self connections. We'll learn important vocabulary that relates to families.

Election Day

Tuesday, March 15th, 7am

Sequiota Gym or your polling site

Don't forget to vote!

Hat Day

Friday, March 18th, 8:30am

3414 South Mentor Avenue

Springfield, MO

Support our 5th graders by bringing in a dollar to support their end of the year festivities!

Math Workshop

Kindergarten - It is hard to believe, but we have already covered all of the content that our math program, My Math, covers in Kindergarten. We'll spend fourth quarter both reviewing and looking ahead. This week's focus will be on fact fluency within 10. We'll learn how to relate addition and subtraction facts for the sums of 10 facts. For example, if I know that 6+4=10, 10-4=?

First Grade - We've been working a bit slower through our content to really make sure students have their skills underground before moving on. This week we'll use our knowledge of place value to add two-digit numbers with regrouping. We'll also begin two-digit subtraction starting with subtracting tens. For example, 40-20, 50-30.