The Holocaust

Delaney Heald Academic 2

What's the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear the word Holocaust?Well, some horrible things happened in World War Two. That includes the Holocaust. The foul act led by the Nazis was one of the most massive and horrible genocide in human history. As you can see the Holocaust was only one event that happened during World War Two, but it is the most major event. However, there are many other facts to uncover than just these two.

We will uncover more gruesome and brutal facts that will always be unforgettable. Women and men were separated by different barracks, which is where they slept. Families were torn apart and mostly sent to different concentration camps or killed in the gas chambers. As millions of Jews were murdered from the gas chambers, only few survived. The biggest known and used concentration camp was named Auschwitz, where over one million Jews were killed. Not only were the Jews targets, but various races and people, such as Soviet POW's(Prisoners of War), Jehovah Witnesses,and homosexuals. The camp's original purpose was to hold political prisoners but then turned into an extermination and labor camp for Jews and Poles.

Many Jewish people became popular from this historical scar on Germany. However, most of the Jews will be and are remembered as heroes. As Auschwitz kept growing in the death toll, the Soviet Union (SS) became impatient, and approached Germany quickly. The Nazis were becoming afraid of the distance between them and the SS. They quickly massacred most of the Jews that were left in the concentration camps. This harrowing event took a huge amount of courage from every woman and man in every country. Letting it go was a disagreeable feat as everyone had suffered. Since it was so offensive and unpleasant nobody forgot what had happened in the year of 1939.