Circuit Building Reflection

By : Kevin Yuen

What did I do?

From the beginning to the present in this Computer Engineering course we've learn a lot of new and interesting things from wiring to logic gates circuits. When we were first introduced to the course we learn basic safety rules and how to use certain tools such as the wire strippers/cutters, diagonal cutters, long nose pilers, and the chip remover. Then we did a wire exercise where we had to use the 22 AWG wires to spell out the words "Computer Engineering". For our first circuit/assignment we made a Logic Probe Transistor Circuit(Down Below on the left side of the Gallery). For our second circuit/assignment we made a 555 Time Circuit Lab(Down below in the middle picture of the gallery). The Last/recent circuit we just did before the break is the Transistor Gates Lab(Down below on the right side of the gallery).

What did I learn?

We learned a lot of things through the start of the course until now from wiring to the transistor gates. First we learned basic safety rules, learned about the different types of tools we'll be using through the whole course such as the wire strippers/cutters, diagonal cutters, long nose pilers, and the chip remover(Down below on the left side of the gallery), how to cut wires with a wiring exercise we did, different items such as the transistors, resistors, and we learned about breadboards. Second we learned how to create a circuit using a schematic through the Logic Probe Transistor circuit, and the other circuits(Above).Then we learned how to determine how many ohm's are in a resistor by simply looking at it's colour.


Here are two videos on breadboards and wiring that we learned about.
The Breadboard

What did I enjoy?

I enjoyed many things through the course such as the environment, circuit building, and more! I really enjoyed making the circuit's such as the logic probe transistor circuit because it really was a fun experience figuring out how to make the schematic appear onto the breadboard. I had lots of error's during the process of the making of the circuit and it really helped me understand how the circuits work/how the path's flow and much more! Another thing I enjoyed during the course from the beginning until now is the environment, everyone is really friendly and open to help you out with anything from circuit building to simple questions about the course content. These are something I really enjoyed through the beginning of the course until now.

What, if anything, did you not enjoy?

The thing I did not enjoy during the course of the time was making error's on my circuit because it really made me frustrated and mad because I didn't understand why It wasn't working. When I finally figured out the error I understand why I made the mistake that I did and learn from that process and move on. Another thing that I didn't enjoy was the wiring exercise we did at the beginning because It was annoying at times messing up making the words but in the end it was for a good purpose.I didn't not enjoy anything but the errors that made me very frustrated and the wiring exercise but in the end it really contributed to the learning process I had during the course of time.
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If I could repeat the project over, what, if anything, would I change?

If I could repeat the project over again I would ask more questions about it. The reason why I would ask more questions is because I just went head on to the project and made mistakes that took awhile to fix and which I could have gotten easily by just asking a simple question. So If I were to repeat this project over I would have asked for questions to clarify things to have a better understanding when building my circuits.
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The End.