Action Project 2016

to build capacity for student directed learning

Purpose and Action Steps:

While analyzing our data, we identified a number of students that were not performing at their expected levels. This was evident throughout all sub-groups of students and was reflected in their quality of classroom work, summative assessments, and Gallup poll results for 5th grade.

While planning to implement student e-portfolios, my research led me to Growth Mindset by Carol Dweck. The combination of student e-portfolios and the message from Growth Mindset gave me idea to combine the opportunity to engage students in setting goals with their evaluation of their use of 21st century skills.

Progress and Next Steps:

As of January 2016, all students have an active LISD e-portfolio and have had a least one student-led conference with their parents. We have analyzed our benchmark, MAP, and Gallup poll results and expect to see a positive change on state assessment results this year for all students, especially those as identified as needing to shift their mindset to a "Not Yet" mindset.

Deborah Bailey

Parkway Elementary

5th Grade Science