Clara's War

By: Karla Alvarez


This story takes place in Zolkiew, Poland. Clara, her family, along with two other family are forced to live in a bunker under the house.


Military Marching Sound Effect
Clara Kramer: Holocaust survivor and author of CLARA'S WAR


Clara, her family and friends are trying to survive the war underground as their family members are being killed. They take the risk everyday of being caught. Mr. Beck is an anti-semitist, but he is willing to save them by keeping them in a bunker under his house. Adding to their fear the SS move into the house for several months, increasing the risk of being caught. The Jews spend almost three years in the bunker. After Clara and her family are freed, Mr. Beck is arrested and Clara has to use her diary to free him.


External conflict- The families are constantly arguing and fighting in the bunker. Clara lives in fear that Mr. Beck could turn the Jews in to the SS.

Internal conflict- Clara is trying to remain strong while her family and friends are dying in the war. She is doesn't know how to handle things most of the time.