Dec. 1st UEI site visit

Cross-Site Visit between Andersen Elementary and EB

Visit Details

Earle Brown elementary was paired with Andersen Elementary of Minneapolis. Both schools are similar in size and have similar demographics. The morning was spent at Andersen visiting classrooms and providing feedback on specific measures and indicators from the 5Essentials that had been denfitied as a focus by the Andersen team.

The team of Literacy Coaches and Admin then transitioned to Earle Brown to visit classrooms and provide feedback to Earle Brown based on specific measures and indicators from the 5Essentials that had been identified as a focus by the Earle Brown team.

Earle Brown 5Essentials focus measure and indicator for site visit

During the vist 4 teams of coaches and Admin visited 7 second and third grade classrooms during guided reading.

Teams were collecting evidence on the following areas:

5 Essentials Measure: Collaborative Teachers

Indicator: Quality Professional development and Collaborative practices

Guided Reading: Student level

  • Students are engaged in guided reading lessons
  • Students can restate focus of guided reading group lesson/explain how they become a better reader
  • Students can explain what strategy they used and why it is useful
  • Students are using text evidence to answer questions during guided reading lessons
  • Students can explain their reading goals

Guided Reading: Teacher Level

  • Teachers meet with guided reading group consistently
  • Teachers follow an established routine during guided reading groups
  • Teachers have evidence that guided reading lesson are tied to STEP bottom lines
  • Teachers model guided reading skill/strategy
  • Teachers use a child-friendly learning target in their guided reading lessons
  • Teachers use and have anchor charts posted
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A bit more then two stars

Trends that were seen today.

Trends that I also believe we would see in many other classrooms at EB.

  • All the rooms had structures in place to support GR-kids knew the routine
  • Culture of learning present in classrooms

  • Habits fo discussion where being used and supported at the GR table

  • STEP prompts were being used and available for students to use in kid friendly lang.

  • Kids were engaged in books during indepndent reading - if not reading a book they were: writing in a journal, doing word work or completing work connected to the guided reading table.

  • Students knew what they were supposed to be doing during independent work time (executive functioning skills clearly being demonstrated by students)

  • The structure of independent work time led to engaged students who were well -behaved.

  • Evidence that teachers are using PD

  • Guided reading happening consistently and with structure

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A couple Wishes (or areas of opportunity)

  • Focus of lesson (Learning Target) should be stated at the start of every lesson every time
  • Focus of lesson (Learning Target) should be linked throughout the lesson - beginning, middle and end
  • Monitor the amount of teacher talk to student talk
  • Encourage and support student to student talk
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The team of from Andersen was highly impressed with the students and teachers at EB.

And a great big giant thank you to the 2nd and 3rd grade teachers who hosted the visit.