Copyright and Licenses

By: Landon Brenish

Public Domain

Has one condition that makes it not copyrighted.

  1. Copyright has expired

  2. Work was created using public money

  3. Creator published into public domain.

Examples: Classic literature (Romeo and Juliet) classical music

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Freeware is copyrighted work that you can use, copy, or give away for free.

Example: iTunes, windows, and internet explorer

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Copyrighted work that you can use, copy, and share for free but only a limited time. If you want the full program you must pay for it.

Examples: Minecraft, any app that you can use a trial for.

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All Rights Reserved

All rights reserved only allows the purchaser to use software according to the details spelled out in the license agreement. The license agreement can say anything really. For example, Microsoft use to say that you could only load its software onto one computer.

Example: Microsoft

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Open Source

They allow software to be freely used, modified, and shared. To be approved by the Open Source Initiative, a license must go through the open source initiative’s review process.

Example: Firefox

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