Positive and Negative Effects

Negative Effects.

  • Strip mines or open pit mines can have negative aesthetic consequences on the landscape.
  • It can cause erosion, sinkholes, and loss of biodiversity.
  • It can cause contamination of soil, ground water, and surface water by chemicals from mining processes.
  • The contamination from the leaking can cause health problems to people and animals in community when they drink the water from streams, lakes, water fountains or sinks.
  • It can cause poisoning to the water and kill the aquatic life

Positive Effects.

  • It provides industrial grown and development.
  • Mining powers the power stations, and provides the chemicals we use to purify water, make paint, build computers and make glass.
  • It provides jobs to people and builds the economy.
  • It started the industrial revolution.
  • A lot of jobs and cities were build around mining because it was a good source of income.

My Opinion

I think that we shouldn't allow mines to be built next to schools because it is bad for our health. The contamination can leak into the water which can lead to health problems to the people and animals in the community. It can also cause biodiversity in lakes and rivers to go down. Water insect and crustacea communities are modified around a mine resulting in a low trophic completeness, community being dominated by predators.