Chapter 6

Brittany Hogan

Section 1

The time between your childhood and adulthood is adolescence. This is not a world wide concept. In the United states there are 5 main characteristics of adolescence which are biological growth and development, undefined status, increase pressure, increase decision making, and the search for self. Not every teenager is going to be the same and go through the same experiences because we are all different people
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Section 2

Dating and courtship is an important part of us history. Courtship is the interaction of people intending to get married. courtship is very strict, typically under the supervision of the mothers parents. Dating is the interaction of two people for there own entertainment. Dating is very flexible and normally and the main intention is not to find a spouse. Dating became popular during the industrial revolution due to the increase of cars and thing to do. dating is important to build social skills and learn who you are and what type of people you like.

Section 3

Teenage sexual behavior have increased over 50% over the last 20 years. Teenagers are getting pregnant and catching STD's more quickly now. It is best to stay abstinent because of all the affects and stress having sex can put on you. For people who refuse to stay abstinent you should use some type of birth control. Drugs are also becoming more present in teenagers lives. Teenagers are mainly influenced by friends, adjustment problems, and home problems. The teenage suicide rate have almost doubled in the last 30 years. Social factors that affect teenage suicide are alcohol or drug use, triggering events, age, sex, population density, family relations, and cluster effect.
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