alex spears

What are magnets?

Magnets are a electric charge resulting in a attraction.Magnets are made of a stone called Lodestone.The inside of a magnet is a soft metal core called electromagnets.A magnet has a property of Fe3o4.Planets like Mercury,Jupiter,Saturn,Earth,Uranus,and Neptune have a magnetic field.There are 2 types of magnetism,temporary magnets and permanent magnets.Temporary magnets lose their magnetism when the magnetic field disappears,permanent magnets keep their magnetism even when the magnetic field disappears.The person who discovered magnets was a scientist named H.A Lorentz.Our world has a North pole and a South pole, a compass points at the North pole because the North pole attracts the compass pointer and the South pole pushes it away.Almost everything in our normal life uses magnetic field.Magnets make our world work,a lot of things around you would be effected if our magnetic field never existed.