Come to Indian Island!!!

You need a vacation.

Ralph Feola, 12/2/14, Per.1


One visitor said " An exiting house one that lived up to its expectation.(pg.26)

Mark Johnson's opinion of the Island

I loved being on the Island. I went with a lot of friend's and I got to stay for free. There was so much to do. Overall it was a very relaxing vacation. I would love to go back to Indian Island. The house is great too.

The Island

The island is based on a nursery ryhme and has a Indian head rock when you first arrive. I recently bought the Island 2 years ago. You have to take a short boat ride across the Irish Sea. My house is a short car ride and then you can relax. The Island is 12 miles in area so there are many things to do.
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Things to do

There are a lot of things to do. You can explore the great wonders of the island. Also you can sea the vast wildlife that we have here. If you would like you can relax on the porch of the house. One other thing you should definitely do is go down to our beautiful.

A Video of the clam Seas on the far side of the Island.

A Silent Sunrise, a Calm Sea at Pawleys Island
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My house

My house is a 10 bedroom 6 bathroom house that you will be sharing with me Mr. Owen and 9 others. We built the two story house from scratch. Please try to keep it clean and eliminate as much work for the Butler as possible.