Team Ruby Reds

October Recognition & Hello Fabulous November!

We Dream Bigger. We Believer Stronger. We Cheer Louder!!

Welcome to November! Mark my word….THIS IS IT! This is going to be the best month of our year. So whether you’re a tenured stylist who’s looking for a little extra boost…or you are a brand new stylist who is just getting started. November is where it’s AT!

November is a special month for me as it’s my 4 year Stellaversary! It’s hard to look back 4 years…and I had no idea this business would have changed my life like it has. I wanted “something to do and something to build on”….and here we are 4 years later 375 Ruby Red Stylists STRONG. But what is most exciting….is 50 of those stylists joined in the last MONTH! Yes…the last MONTH! If you’re asking yourself what the growth opportunity is…there you have it. It’s our biggest team growth EVER. And that growth is not because of me….it’s because of YOU. You believed. You shared the love. You inspired another woman to become a stylist and change the course of her life! Congrats to ALL of you who joined…and to ALL of you who sponsored.

Shhhhhh…..don’t tell!

I have a confession. 4 years ago when I quit my corporate “big wig” job…..I was scared to death. Not scared of whether or not I would be a success in this business, but scared of what others would think of me. Isn’t that NUTS? But here’s the deal…I knew I wasn’t alone with these feelings. Perception is reality and there are a lot of people out there who don’t know what Stella & Dot is really ALL ABOUT. It’s not some schlocky direct sales company. It’s not some get rich quick scheme. It’s not some annoy all of your friends and family business. It’s actually JUST THE OPPOSITE of all of that.

The real truth was…I just needed to get over myself and the perception. If I was making this decision to leave that corporate life…I had to jump in with both feet. It was time to start changing lives…..starting with mine. And so I did. I set specific goals of sales and sponsoring and I was my BEST BOSS. I kept the choices that I made to put family first, but didn’t let that hinder my success ratio. I worked in the cracks. I believed so much in the opportunity …. I started sponsoring in my first month. I kept my WHY in sight. I worked with my husband to make this work. And I never gave up.

Shhhhhhh……don’t tell!

But there was still that little devil sitting on my shoulder. It would sometimes make me feel like I wasn’t living up to my potential since I quit my “big wig” job. It was usually just a thought here or there…but it was something I still thought about. Yes…after four years.

So…I decided to come clean with my thoughts….

The other night…over a bottle (or two) of wine I confessed this to my husband. I told him that I knew I made the right decision for the boys and for him and for our family….but was that the right decision for ME?

His response? Priceless.

“Tara, you just need to get over yourself. Bury it. It’s over. And the truth is this: You’ve inspired more people, changed more lives for the better, made a bigger impact to society and been a better leader and person than you ever were in corporate. What you’ve done…has not only made a difference for our family…but for countless women and families. So EMBRACE that. Look forward and never back again.”

And just like that. I FELT INSPIRED.

Isn’t it amazing what the belief, admiration and sincere appreciation from another person will do for YOU? And that’s when I realized…that is what we do at Stella & Dot.

We dream bigger, believer stronger and cheer louder…because we believe, appreciate, admire and respect each other. And I am SO BLESSED to have each of you on this journey with me.

So…what’s left to do? You got it…kick some serious ass over the next 60 days!

Let’s make 2013….THE BEST YET!

We Added 51 NEW Ruby Reds...Welcome To The TEAM!

Karmyn Argo

Ashley Brown

Kari Cantarero

Lisa Carlberg

Olivia Charpie

Billie Conger

Aubrey Cook

Brooke Crosby

Gina Del Ciello

Lauren Everett

Tiffany Femmer

Shannon Frank

Katherine Frontino

Gina Gautieri-Shorrock

Amber Goostree

Denise Guttery

Carrie Helstern

Kelly Henderson

Shari Herrs

Jennifer Hinson

Candace Iott

Audrey Lewellen

Vanessa Lopez

Ashli Niehues

Jennifer Patykiewicz

Michelle Penner

Carol Pricien

Jan Ragland

Megan Rau

Leslie Raver

Leslie Reardon

Judy Reedy

Krista Schibler

Heather Schneider

Mellisa Scholl

Debra Smith

Gretchen Stewart

Laci Stoner

Lindsey Sturm

Meghan Sutherland

Kimberly Valdivia

Venice Vanwinkle

Allison Waypa

Lindsay Weneck

Adrienne West

Ashley Westhoff

Chelsey Williams

Michelle Wiltz

Sara Wright

Julie Zadoo

Mary Jo Zavagnin

Congrats to ALL of You Who Sponsored....Here is the Winner of the Paris Tote!

Paris Tote Winner!

Just DO IT!

What are you waiting for? Seriously...this is THE TIME to engage and re-engage. It's time to IGNITE your business. I don't want to say booking is a breeze right now...but booking is kind of a breeze right now!

YOU HAVE TO ASK! Why not ask? No one is ever offended if you ask once. And it is the MOST wonderful time of year.

What can you do with the extra $$ you'd make with those trunk shows? Think about can really make some FAB & FAT CASH over the next 45 days. This is my fifth holiday selling season...and you'll never regret booking that EXTRA SHOW!

And...with wrap up rewards like're crazy not to book a few more!

Top In New Qualified Recruits

Tara Renze 2

Brigid Reisch 2

Angela Clifton 1

Brandi Browning 1

Elizabeth Krull 1

Lauren Everett 1

Jennifer Reiss 1

Jennifer Smith 1

Diana Frederick 1

Gena Morgan 1

Top In Sales

Kristy Pauly $6,489

Ashley Jones $6,132

Melissa Sandmann $5,753

Hilary Nauholz $5,459

Leah Hermesch $5,370

Magdalena Lopez $5,025

Christina Kamberis $4,923

Jean Sweet $4,408

Miriam Zavagnin $4,242

Elizabeth Tridle $3,953

Tara Renze $3,725

Andrea Seeman $3,533

Brigid Reisch $3,374

Jill Kuckelman $3,208

Jennifer Salmans $3,084

Leslie Staver $2,919

Kristen Fine $2,904

Brandi Browning $2,869

Morgan Bell $2,502

Anne Walton $2,414

Tara Renze~ Senior Director & Founding Leader

I believe in YOU. I believe bigger, brighter and will always be your biggest cheerleader! There are a lot of BIG GOALS and I love the vision you have for your business. We are going to be doing a LOT of celebrating in November. This business is STYLE YOUR LIFE! make a lot of others happier and more stylish on your journey.

What is your vision? What is your goal? What do you want your business to look like a YEAR from now. Start taking the steps TODAY. You can do it. Work hard and never give up. will be so glad you did! This business is an amazing platform for YOU, your life VISION and your LONG TERM & SHORT TERM goals. JUST DO IT. Go out there and make it happen. If you get knocked down....get back up. Because here is one truth in life:

A girl can ALWAYS use a new pair of earrings! ;)
I believe in YOU!

There are lots of fun and fabulous things happening DAILY on our team page! Please join if you haven't already!!


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