The Bakersfield Times

By Dylan D.

Interview With Jenna

BT: Jenna, how do you feel about Bio Gel?
Jenna: I think it's great! Bio gel saved my life, and I think it should be used to save other people's lives too.

BT: What are your feelings toward Ethan?
Jenna: He was a great friend. I could tell because I told him my darkest secret. He had 70 good years with me.

BT: Why did you decide to destroy Kara and Locke's hard drives?
Jenna: I was constantly hearing their voices calling out to me. They sounded like they were suffering. All I wanted to do was end that suffering.

BT: How did you feel when you found out you weren't completely human?
Jenna: When I got that cut, I felt really weird. That was until my parents saw. After they explained everything to me I was at angry at them for never telling me.

BT: Did you like Mr. Bender?
Jenna: We was a nice man. He was the first person that I had met before I moved here, and he was also my first friend. I liked him because he let me talk to him freely, and that he let me use his computer to research.

BT: Can you explain the accident that did this to you?
Jenna: Well, I was at a party with Kara and Locke. We were running away, and I had given Kara the keys to the car. I still remember them saying, "Hurry, Jenna!" Then we drove onto the highway and the accident happened.

BT: Do you think that you really are a robot?
Jenna: No, because I can still think and act by and for myself. Besides, My skin is still 100% real.

BT: Do you know why you were mad at your parents?
Jenna: I think it's because they never told me anything about being a robot/human, or that they planted a suggestion in my mind. They even uploaded it.

BT: Can you remember anything about your life before the accident?
Jenna: Yes, because I have this set of DVDs that I have been watching. Generally, I was a happy and good child. I took ballet lessons, piano lessons, and many more.

BT: Do you miss your parents?
Jenna: Yes. After they passed away, I realized that they had done everything they could to save me, even breaking the law. I also realized that they were not telling me things just to protect me, keep me happy.

Kara Manning

Was one of Jenna's best friends, died after parents removed her from life support in the hospital.

Kara was daring, and courageous before she passed away


National News: FSEB has changed its position on what it means to be human!

They have adapted, and now the new standard of being human is 10%, or the Jenna Standard. Many more people should be able to live longer and healthier lives due to this, because the new technology will help them. Many people have claimed that 'being human' is when you still have at least some of your body left. A person should only receive help to keep them alive (like if they have cancer). If they are just sick, the FSEB has decided to let them be and heal naturally. Any violators of these new laws will be taken to jail immediately and their technology stripped from them.