Visitors Guide For Hornsby Shire

By Joel


In Hornsby Shire There are lots of transport like Buses, Trains and Cars. Hornsby station is called a transport hub, because three train lines meet up and lots of bus routes join up at hornsby station.


There are many parks in hornsby shire, but here are two. There is Crosslands, at Crosslands the gate closes at 8am and closes at 7:30pm during daylight savings time and at 5:30pm the rest of the year. You can camp at crosslands and it is free with parking. Then there is Fagan Park. You can not camp at Fagan Park but you need to pay for parking, but it is fabulous.


There is Lots of Entertainment in Hornsby Shire but here are only some. There is bowling, Sports Clubs, Bike Tracks and the Cinemas.
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Who lives at Hornsby Shire

Hornsby Shire - Who lives here?