Cheltenham Elementary School

DOLPHIN TIMES- January 18-22

Early Dismissal Wednesday, January 20th at 2:45pm

Martin Luther King Day of Service

The 2016 MLK Day of Service was a great success. Students, parents, and CES staff wrapped socks, snacks, and loving notes, for the homeless. It was a positive experience for all in attendance. We would like to thank the CES PTO for sponsoring the event.

Parent Workshop- Supporting the Holistic Needs of Our Students

The Office of Student Services invites parents/guardians to attend a workshop entitled “Supporting the Holistic Needs of Our Students – A Discussion on Youth Mental Health and Wellness.” The workshop will focus on Youth Mental Health First Aid Training, a nationally recognized, evidenced-based curriculum designed to provide members of the public with the skills needed to support youth experiencing mental health challenges.

Date: Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Time: 6-8 pm

Location: Administration Building, Room 102

Presenters: Ms. Tory Bright, Director, Regional Mental Health Services Office

Dr. Nicole Warren, Cheltenham High School Psychologist

Ms. Jane Donahue, Elkins Park School Counselor

Workshop attendees will learn the signs and symptoms of youth mental illness, how to connect youth and their families with appropriate professional resources and how to assist youth with self-care. Questions regarding the event can be directed to Dr. Cheryl Horsey, Director of Student Services, at 215-881-6333, or

Join our "No Junk Mail" pledge!

Who wouldn't want less junk mail? Thanks for helping and spreading the word. Our students are working so hard in many ways to reduce, reuse, recycle, and repurpose to save the RED PANDAS. Please do your part and visit to stop your junk mail; thank you for your support. PLEASE NAME Cheltenham Elementary School 1st SO THAT THE SCHOOL AND FIRST GRADE GETS CREDIT FOR YOU OPTING OUT OF JUNK MAIL. When you opt out of junk mail, it will save you the hassle of junk mail while protecting the trees and preventing deforestation to help save the Red Pandas. Feel free to share and spread the word :)