Long Term and Short Term Goals

By: Hannah Carrizales

Long Term Goal For This Year

My long term goal for this year is to get straight A's in all of my classes. I would like to get straight A's because I would like to be in NJHS or NHS. I have all Pre-AP classes including algebra. I have had all Pre-AP classes since 6th grade. This year I will try my absolute best to make 85 or more this whole year. Last year I had one grade that set me back from being in NJHS this year. I will make sure that I get a 85 or above in all of my classes each three weeks. Hope fully I will be able to get into NJHS / NHS.

Short Term Goal

My short term goal for the next six months is to understand algebra. Right now I don't understand it to well right now so I hope to understand it and relize what it is in the next six months.

Long term goal for 2020 and beyond

My long term goal for 2020 and beyond .... I wanted to go to UNT for college but I recently found out that it doesn't have a nursing department for the type of nurse I want to be. So now I will have to find a different college. I would like to be a nurse that works with healthy babies after they are born.