CSA Lincoln 2nd Grade News

Mrs. Grueninger and Mrs. Brill 09/12/16

Reminders: Ask your child if they have headphones.

Pajamas for Riley Project

Next week students will be making blankets for children at Riley Hospital during stations. If you would like to donate fleece fabric for this portion of our project please send the fabric with your child by this Friday, September 16. We will be making different sized blankets so any amount of fleece fabric is appreciated and will be used!


Today your child will be bringing home the new homework packet for 2nd grade. The packet has also been shared with your child on their google drive account. Homework will go home every Monday and is due every Friday. The homework that went home this evening is due this Friday, September 16.


Math goals for this week:

I can tell if a number is even or odd.

I can add and subtract numbers 1-100.

I can use addition and subtraction to solve word problems.

ELA this week

This week, students will read about why rules are important. They will be able to make predictions as well as understand cause and effect as part of the plot of a text. We will also be reviewing multiple-meaning words (using context) and pronoun-verb agreement.

Logging into Students Accounts

If you would like to see all the hard work your child does at school you can login to their Google account or their Itslearning account from home. Considering winter is just around the corner this is very important to learn how to get around the Google world. Plus this is a great way to help your child. I'm sure they would love to share what they are learning!

Here is the pattern

first two digits are the child's graduating year (which for 2nd graders is 26)

then their last name and first initial

For example itslearning is 26brillr (some of these have different variations if the last name is a common name)

Google example 26brillr@students.bcsc.k12.in.us

Their passwords pattern

Thier six digit student identification plus bcsc

All of the 2nd graders know their regular passwords for the other apps and learning tools but if you need help please feel free to text me on Remind101.