Early Learners Highlights

May 6, 2022

Dear Early Learners Families,

We've had a great week here around Early Learners! Our very first Pre-K music performance was a success, and we are so proud of all our students for their hard work. A HUGE shout out to our classroom teachers and Mr. DelGrosso for going above and beyond to make the night a success. For all our 3 year olds moving into the 4 year old pre-k classes next year, we can't wait for you to perform next year!

Have you noticed all the action happening on the playground? Our students are eagerly tracking and counting down until it is finally ready for us to use. Fingers crossed that moment is just days away!

Enjoy your Mother's Day weekend,


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Upcoming Pre-K Events

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What's Happening in Early Learners?

This week our Early Learners continued our ABC countdown fun with favorites like “dance party day,” “exercise day,” and “game day!!” The children love being able to incorporate favorite classroom songs, games, and activities from throughout the year into these special days. Our classes also said goodbye to our Painted Lady Butterflies with butterfly release parties this week. The children loved watching our little friends flutter to their new outdoor homes around our school.

The Pre-K students held the first ever Early Learners music show this week. Our Pre-K kiddos worked so hard in music class and during extra practices to prepare for their special event. They did an amazing job showcasing their talents, and we were thrilled to be able to share the event with so many Pre-K parents and loved ones!

We have been talking a lot about our families in preparation for Mother’s Day on Sunday. We’ve also been reading about a variety of family structures and experiences. The children have enjoyed creating Mother’s Day gifts this week, and have LOTS of sweet ideas about how to be sure their loved ones feel appreciated. We hope our Early Learner Mommies and special family members get showered with love, and also have some well-deserved time to relax this weekend! Happy Mother’s Day!!

Upcoming Dates

May 30 - No School

May 31 - Pre-K Graduation at 5:30

June 2 - Last Day Early Learners

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Janet Gruenwald

Assistant Principal

South Park Elementary School

Program Director District 109 Early Learners