Hudson Private High School

Sports and Fine Arts Oriented

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About Our School

Hudson High school is a fine arts and sports focused private school located in Manhattan, New York. We greatly encourage creativity and individuality in all of our students. Students are expected to try their absolute hardest and boost others to do the same.

Bell Schedule

Homeroom 8:00-8:20 20 Minutes

1st Period 8:30-9:15 45 Minutes

2nd Period 9:20-10:05 45 Minutes

3rd Period 10:10-10:55 45 Minutes

4th Period 11:00-11:45 45 Minutes

Lunch/ Free Period 11:45-12:25 40 Minutes

5th Period 12:35-1:20 45 Minutes

6th Period 1:25-2:10 45 Minutes

7th Period 2:15-3:00 45 Minutes



1. Will the school year be year round or follow the traditional schedule?

We follow the traditional schedule

2. What is your school's main focus?

Our school focuses on sports and fine arts, but we also teach the four academic classes throughout the day.

3.Where is your school located? Why is it located there?

Our school is located in Manhattan. The city brings in much revenue through tourism and there is a large, growing fine arts industry that students can start a career in after high school.

4.How will your school get students ready for the world?

We are a career and college prep school, and our goal is to build better adults and leaders for the world tomorrow.

5. What are your school colors?

Our school colors are purple, black, and white

6. What is your mascot?

Our mascot is the bulldog

7.Do you require uniforms?

No, we do not wear uniforms. Students may dress how ever they want but their attire has to follow the dress code.

8.How much is tuition per year?


Mission Statement

Our students are prepared to enter the outside world and education after high school. Combined with their fine arts, sports, and core classes, students will be able to learn how to manage their time efficiently. Students are encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle by engaging in physical activity and accepting other student’s differences. Hard work and determination are a must to excel at our school.

Vision Statement

Our vision for our school is to create a challenging, creative, hard-working and determined educational environment. We prepare students for the real world and education after high school. Our students will excel in fine arts and sports as well rigorous and challenging core classes.


Fine Arts Courses:

Theater Fundamentals, Advanced Theater, Musical Theater, One Act Dance Fundamentals, Hip Hop Dance I, Hip Hop Dance II, Ballet I, Ballet II, Jazz I, Jazz II, Orchestra, Band, Chorus, Honor Chorus, Musical History, Photography, Visual Composition (mandatory), Pottery, Photography, Digital Design, Jewelry Design.

Sports/Physical Classes

Gym/Health (mandatory), Sports (ranging from soccer to competitive cheerleading), Weight Training, Sports medicine, yoga, meditation, body sculpting

Core Classes

All students are required to take 4 core classes each year in order to graduate. During freshman year, students must take Visual Composition and Gym in order to take any other art or fitness classes later in the year or in high school.

AP Course Options

We offer many college courses in order to allow every student an opportunity to take an AP in their skilled subject. Students are advised not to take an AP class unless they feel ready to tackle that subject at a college level and are ready to commit extra time to the work. Students can take any of the following from 9th-12th grade:

AP Biology, AP Calculus, AP Chemistry, AP Chinese, AP Comparative Government, AP Computer Science, AP Environmental Science, AP French, AP German, AP Human Geography, AP Latin, AP Literature, AP Physics, AP Psychology/Sociology combination class, AP Statistics, AP US History, AP World History, AP Euro History.

Sports and Fine Arts

Below are some pictures to show some activites that we offer at our school