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Week of May 15

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Principal's Corner

Hi Nagel Nation!

Here it is, the Master Schedule for next year. Please look over for any issues you may see.

Our final important events are:

Wednesday, May 25th @ 2:20 - Staff Meeting to Recognize our Retirees and friends leaving us. Please come to the LC as soon as possible after dismissal to begin.

Thursday, June 2nd - We will begin our end of year procedures at 7:30 AM. Please give the LC team a moment to get set up before you arrive with your items. At 1:30 we will stop to celebrate and have lunch. Make certain you closely read the End of Year Check-out Packet below. New changes for this year.

Item #1 - Forest Hills Foundation Grants: I have already heard a few great grant ideas that are going to be submitted. Please take a moment to think what could really help take your teaching to the next level. Don't be afraid to ask, you never know, you could be chosen.

The Forest Hills Foundation for Education is accepting applications for teacher grants to be awarded for the 2016-17 academic year. Click here to view the 'Request for FHFE Grant Proposals'. Grants must be submitted to the building principal no later than 3:30 pm June 22, 2016

Item # 2 - Morning Computer Support

Please sign up on the linked Google Doc prior to your team's day.

Morning Support - Room 236 for anyone who wants to come

OTM - Room 132 - 8th grade during 1st period

OTM - Room 247 - 7th grade during 7th period

Item #3 - Celebration Day

Since mother nature has not cooperated with us lately, we are adding the "R" plan to share with all of you. Work on your sundance for our final days of school.



Item #4 - World Language Exams

8th Grade and World Language Teachers. Please review the World Language Exam Schedule. Core teachers, some rooms have been impacted by testing. Please review document and note if you have a room change. Note that it is in current draft form so contact Lizzy with any changes that may need to be made.

Item # 5 - Communication with Cafeteria

To help the kitchen as this year is winding down, please make sure they are advised if a team is not going to be having lunch in the cafeteria. This is a huge help so they aren't overstocked at the end of the year.

So far, Cheryl knows the following:

Tuesday, May 31 Team 7-2 will NOT be eating lunch in cafe

Wed., June 1, ALL 8th grade will NOT be eating lunch

Thanks so much for your help.

Item #6 - Student Survey - Per Central Office

Natasha has asked that all students in grades 7-12 take a student perception survey. Please have students in your advisory complete this survey on TUESDAY, MAY 24th. We will make an announcement to remind you on Tuesday morning. Please tell students to bring their computers to advisory for Tuesday. The survey will take 5-10 minutes.

Please post the survey to your team's schoology page to go live on Tuesday morning.


Item #8 - Math Acceleration/OTM

7th Grade core teachers...if you have student you would like to recommend for either Math Acceleration or OTM in the 8th grade. Please list these names in the linked Google Doc. Please complete this by 5/13. *Recommendation doesn't guarantee placement.

Item #9 - Summer School

Summer school letters will be mailed home on Monday, May 16th. Any student who failed 2 or more quarters of Math or Language Arts will receive a letter recommending attendance at summer school. If parents need additional information about why their child was recommended they will be asked to contact the teacher prior to June 2nd.

Item #10 - A.L.I.C.E.

For this Wednesday's ALICE Drill, we will be conducting the exercise during the last lunch (81, 82, 83). The main intruder will be focusing on the lunch area. We will have several other "intruders" spread throughout the building. The rest of the building will need to go into BARRICADE mode. We will not be evacuating classrooms for this ALICE Drill.

When the announcement is made (~11:45am), you will need to respond accordingly where ever you are in the building. For example, if you are eating lunch in your team office, lock the door, barricade that room and wait for the announcement that the drill is over. If you are teaching in your classroom, lock your door and barricade your classroom. Silence is very important. The other role-playing "intruders" will be trying to gain access to your location!

John Bailey will be with the students at lunch (along with the lunch duty champions) to walk them through that part of the drill.

Your focus: make sure you and your students are safe regardless of your location!

Item # 11 - Breakfast

The Superhawks invite all Nagel faculty and staff to an appreciation breakfast on Friday, May 27th starting at 6:45 in the Express Cafe!

Item #12 - Battelle for Kids - Linkage

Everyone should have completed their linkage process by now. Here is the link for the few who you who have not yet. Please do so ASAP.

Steps for Completing the Linkage Process

Item #13 - STAFF End of Year Check Out

If you are retiring or leaving the district, please read article on Jostle so you can make your appointment to check out.

Nagel Check Out Packet

Item # 14 - Kentucky Speedway

I have a few family passes for the Speedway event this Saturday. You have the chance to see the Kelsey Chevrolet Sprints, UMP Modifieds, and the Impact Sports Pure Stocks.The passes will admit four people. Please see Jodie if you are interested.

January-May Nagel Middle School Timeline



17 - Extended CAT - LA/SS - PLEASE NOTE!!

17 - Spring Athletic Recognition 7-9

18 - WEB Coordinator Meeting @ 2:30

20 - Footloose @ 7:00

21 - Footloose @ 1:00 and 7:00

23 - Orchestra Concert @ 7:00

24 - Regular CAT

24 - Chorus Concert @ 6:30 & 8:00

25 - Chorus Concert @ 7:00

26 - Band Concert @ 7:00

28 - Girls Chorus to Kings Island

30 - NO School - Thank our Military

JUNE 1 - OH HAPPY DAY! Let's Celebrate!!!


Tech Bytes

End of Year Check Out

As the year comes to a close, there are a number of inventory related responsibilities that each of us will need to take care of before we transition into summer break mode. It is our goal that the LC staff will complete all necessary inventory and end of year check in/check out procedures in an accurate and precise manner with professionalism and efficiency. Schedules for students and teachers will be sent out via the main office but we would like to make sure that everyone is aware of our procedures to ensure that there is little confusion as we attempt to complete all inventory related tasks.


  • All borrowed textbooks, computers, library books and other miscellaneous items must be returned by no later than the end of day, May 27th.

  • Any unaccounted for items will be marked as lost. Students will be held financially accountable for any lost items. Fines will be applied to EasyPay. You can direct any parent questions to Mrs. Huxtable.


  • You will receive an inventory list of all items currently assigned to your account and considered to be items you are borrowing right now.

  • All items must be accounted for even those that are being “renewed". Teachers may bring down each item or take a picture of barcodes for those items that are more difficult to bring down to the LC.

  • Teachers are welcome to bring items down that need to be collected and stored over the summer prior to June 2nd. Your primary computer and one charger will be “renewed” when you stop by the LC on June 2nd so that you can take it with you and use it during your break.

  • Your projector (those not attached to a ceiling or wall) will be collected and stored on June 2nd.

  • Those teachers who have every item accounted for and only need to have their projectors collected and their primary laptop and charger renewed will be able to check out in an express checkout lane. Those who need more assistance will be directed to another line to ensure everyone is taken care of in a timely manner.

  • No teacher’s slip will be initialled until that teacher’s account is completely reconciled in Destiny. All items must be accounted for and any missing items will be marked as lost.

Front Office Staff and Administration:

  • You will receive an inventory list of all items currently assigned to your account and considered to be items you are borrowing right now.

  • All items must be accounted for even those that are being “renewed".

  • Please have your items and/or pictures of barcodes ready for the LC team when we stop by on Monday, May 30th between 9:00-11:00.

Paras and all other staff with LC items:

  • You will receive an inventory list of all items currently assigned to your account and considered to be items you are borrowing right now.

  • All items must be accounted for even those that are being “renewed".

  • Please stop by the LC any time prior to June 2nd to make sure your account is in good standing before leaving for summer break.

Cincinnati GAFE Summit Hosted at Nagel!

Due to its great success, Forest Hills will be hosting another GAFE Summit this coming school year on November 19th and 20th. Enjoy, “Two epic days of Inspiring and Empowering sessions focused on deploying, integrating, and using Google Apps for Education (and other digital tools) to promote student learning in K-12 and higher education. Participants say it is the best PD they’ve ever had!” Nagel would love to see you there as we serve as host to several hundred educators from around the tristate area (and some from other various parts of the country). For more information, please review the registration page. Please do not register at this time. We cannot pay for anyone’s registration until next school year’s fiscal year begins! Instead, please fill out the GAFE Summit Interest Form so that we know you would like to go.

EdCamp 513 Hosted by Goshen Middle School

Have you heard about the Edcamp movement? It’s a wonderful unconference movement where education professionals come together to make their own professional development. The best news: it’s FREE! This half day event will end with lunch and great conversation! The Cincinnati area event will take place on June 4 from 8:00-12:00. The first 50 registrants will receive a free Edcamp 513 t-shirt! We would love to have as many attend as possible. Need more information about this revolutionary movement? Check out our website: