My Smore Flyer

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you must hace atleast a 2.7 GPA. You also need an SAT score of 680 or higher.

Aplication fees

$95 Application Fee and these applications are not refundable

application requirements

  • Algebra and foreign language courses are UC admission requirements.
  • SAT or ACT UCSB requires one of these tests in order to apply.

cool places near ucsb

  • Santa barbara is near a beach and that would be a real hotspot.
  • They also have marine life musiums.


The lowest degree they offer is a batchelors degree, and this is the same degree i anm aiming for

How many hours

You will need to have a minimun of 180-184 units/Hours to graduate.


The tuition for ucsb is 34,000 dollars for instate and for out of state it will cost 57,000 and this covers the cost for everything. such as rooms books and other expences.

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The campus has an amazing sight.


I am going to join the military so i would take a class on foriegon language, a class in math, and technology.

A quote from my profecion

''Don't give up the ship!" Captain james lawrence


They have a variety of sports from swining, hockey, canueing, and bicking.