7th Grade Science

Week of March 16th

We did it!

Last week we wrapped up our simple machines stations. It was a lot of work but we made it through! Our simple machines test is on Monday and will be followed by remediation and retest on Tuesday (if needed). Students will then begin learning about energy.
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Essential Questions + Standards

  • How do simple machines make work easier? (7.P.2.4)
  • What is energy? (7.P.2.1)
  • How does a pendulum represent energy conservation with the transfer of potential and kinetic energy? (7.P.2.2)
  • How is energy conserved from the transformation of potential to kinetic energy? (7.P.2.1 + 7.P.2.2)

Tentative Schedule


Classwork: Check Booklets, Review Slide, Test, + Video (if time)

HW: None


Classwork: Remediation + Retest, + Video

HW: None


Classwork: Energy Notes/Foldable with reading passage, Brainpops, Clips, + What is Energy? & Forms of Energy WS

HW: Finish Classwork


Classwork: Pendulum Notes and Interactives, Roller Coaster Webquest, Potential & Kinetic Practice Sheet, + Transformation WS

HW: Finish CW


Classwork: Ball Roll Demo + Ball Bounce Lab

HW: None