How Twitter became worldwide

Social Media Back In The Day

I honestly think that the media is something that people or groups of people can be involved with things around the world with others from different nations. With the media, you can connect with other people, update statues, read up and coming news, breaking news and a whole large variety of things. For example, you can go on Twitter and “follow” your favorite superstars, idols, and friends; you can even update your own “tweets” which can be about something going on with you or around you in your different environments which people can read and decide if they want to retweet or favorite. Being media literate is probably about be conscious about what you and others post, being aware of the other nations and people that can see, read and basically doing other things. With the type of media that we have now, people can twist your words and cause major problem with you and the people involved in what you said. You can see how people can just mess with the things that you say or do without you even knowing unless someone comes and tells you or asks you if you even said that when you don’t even know that someone has hacked or corrupted your account and are starting issues with people. Also, another example is when you are on Facebook you have your friends, then their friends of friends and everything else. They can look at your profile, comment on your photos and statuses that you update and basically everything else; it’s a little crazy to think that people can do that now when they couldn't even use the phone and be on the computer at the same time a while back. With how the world is changing, it’s a little scary to know that we have to be more conscious about things we say and post.

Ellen DeGeneres' Super Bowl Commercial

Ellen DeGeneres in the commercial for both Beats Music and AT&T Family Plan, which aired during the 2014 Superbowl, communicates to viewers that even though family members have different tastes in music, they can still be on the same cell phone plan together. AT&T advertises/promotes Beats Music by depicting/ showing Ellen listening to four different cell phones with widely different music tastes but then all of the coming together and having a fun dance party listening to the different music. AT&T Family Plan attempts to get viewers to buy the cell phone plan for their whole family in order to/so that they can have the availability to listen to their music using Beats Music software. The commercial uses a humorous tone which connects with all families trying to lower their phone bill and listen to music using Beats Music.

Ellen's Big Game Commercial "The Right Music" for Beats Music and AT&T

Satirical News Story

Paris Hilton Begins working at an Animal Shelter

Ashlee Augustin, Celebrity News Reporter

Tues. Mar 18, 2014

Hollywood- A celebrity who has a history of animal abuse and not wanting to do anything has just gotten a job at her local animal shelter recently this month because she said that she loves animals so much, especially cats.

Paris Hilton, an heiress to the Hilton Hotels, has decided to actually do something that she loved. She got a job at her local animal shelter to help out and show her love to other animals other than the ones she already lost.

"She's an amazing caretaker and wonderful person to be around," says one of the employees. "She leaves them outside for a long time to get fresh air and gives them food on the floor instead of the bowls. She's just amazing with the animals."

Kinetic Typography

Changed Historical Event: Stock Market Rise

Stock Market Rise of 1929

On October 29, 1929 in New York City, the Ministry of Plenty stock market rose at the end of the 20’s made the world rise into the Great Optimism which dominated the 30s. People’s lives during the Great Optimism were amazing because Big Brother didn't want for his people to go hungry and be poor. Oceania and all other countries who felt the ripple effects and there were many, learned how important it was to have amazing economic health was. Ever since then, the optimisms have come and gone but none of them have ever been the same as it was back in the 20s throughout the 30s. The Ministry of Plenty along with Big Brother have collaborated with each other and decided to fix how much they produce and have more jobs filled to the point where no one should be in poverty. Also, none of the citizens have been complaining about how much they need money, food, clothing, shelter or anything since the Great Optimism because there are no more shortages of food or anything since they fixed what was going on in their government. At the ending of the 30s, the Great Optimism has passed and the Ministry of Plenty has been regulating the things they produce and how much they produce in case of inflammation and surplus of unused products such as shoes and clothes along with the necessary sanitary things the citizens need to survive in their everyday lives. Big Brother has also announced that he will be adding another product to the stock markets: private jets! Since Big Brother fixed the Ministry of Plenty’s problems, he wants his citizens to have fun and be happy instead of being tied down and full of misery among other things that happen.

This didn't really happen, it was all a lie.

1984 Free Write

I loved reading 1984 all over again, it has suspense, murder and so many other things that I love about books that are written like this. At the ending I wasn't all that surprised because it was bound to happen so I wasn't surprised but I felt relived that it happened that way. I loved Orwell's work because he writes with such a large imagination but also makes you look at how the future of the world that we live in now can change into that exact reality. Yes I completely think that it criticizes the government because it does the exact same thing by censoring what we hear, see and are allowed to say in magazines, on the media and social media as well. I loved the ending so very much that I wouldn't have changed it any other way than what Orwell had written. The most important message I got from the book was speak out when something is wrong and always watch your back no matter what because you never know who's watching.


I learned a lot from the class. I learned to read more in depth to novels and ask questions and write notes to things I didn't understand as well as how important a discussion is so you can get the questions that you had answered and how fun it is to hear how your classmates reacted to certain aspects of the books that we read. I’m taking away the fact that not everything is what you seem and even when you read it can tie in with the world we live in today and how it might affect what will happen in the future. The class was different from other classes that I've taken before because we actually had discussions and talked about the books instead of reading then taking a test or quiz on the book because I got questions answered and my views heard by other people in the class. As well as how we did things online, it made the assignments easier to understand and the classroom environment was upbeat and overall happy because when you walked through the door, you didn't expect the same old thing to happen day in and day out, different things were happening and different projects were happening to the point where you didn't know what to expect when you walked back in the next day, especially when you had this class fourth block and you were tired and just wanted to go home. I don’t know if anything else could be different about this class because I wouldn't want to change anything, except the fact that we didn't watch a whole bunch of videos to make the assignments mush easier to understand. And maybe I would change the order of the texts that we read in order to get the more boring and harder reads out of the way and have more opportunities to make up missing assignments that aren't online.