Sea Dragon's Diary

Welcome Back! Mr. Chabola's Weekly Communication

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Back to School Video with Information

Please take some time to watch the following video with back to school information.

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Breakfast and Lunch Information

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Here are key points that should be communicated to your families regarding meals:

  • ALL cafeterias will be CASHLESS!
  • There is no need for parents to add funds to students accounts, unless they want to purchase bottled water.
  • If a student wants to just purchase milk, we will also give them two additional items, such as a fruit and vegetable, so that there will be no charge for the milk.
  • In anticipation of increased participation and in order to keep the lines moving quickly, at the beginning of the school year we will NOT be using PIN's in the elementary school sites. I will phase them in after Winter Break.
  • Students will be allowed to serve themselves milk and juice from the milk coolers.
  • There will not be any "share tables''.
  • We will be utilizing the Salad Bars, but all fruit and vegetables will be individually wrapped (IW).
  • Due to LACDH current regulations for cafeterias, we need to maintain 6' distancing when possible, for me this means in the serving lines. I know this is a next to impossible ask and I don't expect it to happen, but maybe closer to 3' is not nearly as bad?
  • Masks must be worn by all students in the serving lines and cannot be removed until sitting down to eat.
  • They also discourage indoor eating, therefore I must ask that you NOT have them eating in the cafeteria whenever possible.
  • There will be NO condiment bottles, such as ketchup. All condiments will be served IW and I will supply your noon duty aids with kid safe scissors.