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"Where A Great Beginning Lasts A Lifetime!"

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News and Notes

This has been an incredible week at PVE. Let's hope the week ahead is even better!

Jon Gailmor was a special friend to our school campus. I captured two pictures and they are noted above. One was taken from the hallway and the other from the back storage room. You can see the crowd size and support for this endeavor. You can find more on Jon at: http://www.jongailmor.com

Jon has a special gift in honoring the voice of the learner. Please keep this past school activity in mind as you go about planning work for our kids. How can we honor and empower the learner more each day? I found great appreciation in Jon's time with the kids, eating the school lunch each day and taking time to have special moments with all staff.

This past week our PTO, in partnership with Jodi Burns and Lynn Kissell, reviewed over 90 student created grants. Feedback has been coming in to my inbox in groves from parents raving on this project. Dan, Jodi and our PTO council receive full credit along with most of teaching faculty who led this charge. Again, honoring the voice and empower the abilities of our great kids! Fantastic job team!!! Keep it up!!!

Anne Dewey is back on staff!! Anne taught second grade at PVE before taking time to travel the country as a lead educational consultant. Anne has some great stories and examples of schools she has partnered with in her last stint. Anne, welcome back! You will find her in the maternity leave position for Kathy Drake.

Stephanie Morrell will appear soon on our campus to shadow Mrs. Compton. She will be taking Stephanie's maternity leave. Mrs. Morrell has a Master's in Curriculum and Instruction from Texas A & M along with being a certified online instructor. Stephanie as been a PBL math coach for New Tech High, a 2nd grade teacher, a 5th grade teacher and also a Montessori Teacher for IPS. Welcome Stephanie!

Lindsey Moosey was be joining our PVE family starting this week. LIndsey is an intern in counseling from Butler University and will be working with Kristen Byker.

Week Ahead:

*Please look for a fire drill sometime this week.

*Remember we will be using the upper gym this week (lower gym reserved for musical prep).

ISTEP along folks!!! Good luck!!!

Tuesday afternoon PVE will be hosting a leadership meeting.

Thursday Morning-Tech Tidbits live...EMAZE!

Thursday evening we will celebrate with our 4th grade students during their musical performance.

Friday-We welcome May