Stoughton In Salem

By, Brandon Christensen

William Stoughton is a very wealthy 61-year-old man.

And he is in charge of our Salem Witch Trials.

And he has got many, many, many, sights of demonic evidence from many, many, accused witches, and he has accused a lot because he is a prosecutor.

And he is a very confident guy. For all the months he has been a prosecutor, he has never admitted that his evidence was fake or that it ever was or has been fake or that he lied. And he knows that witchcraft is real and that there are witches that will curse you and or set spells on you.

Stoughton very strongly believes in the invisible world. In fact, he has also said that he has had a vision of the invisible world.

But people have said that William Stoughton is a witch. And that he is an accuser just to hide his real identity of being a witch.

Also, many people are afraid of William Stoughton. Mainly because they are so afraid that if they start to act sort of strange or weird, Stoughton may accuse them of being a witch, and then he will send them into jail for until they die, or until someone or themselves bail themselves out.

And it is said that William Stoughton said “I accuse you of being a witch” almost every single day.

So do you think that our very own Chief Of Justice William Stoughton performs witchcraft and black magic.

So what do you think, is he a witch or not?